Europan Germany

E10: Topic


How can a new philosophy of sustainable appropriation of territories within the urban extensions of the city be realized?

1 A New communities

A community is a group organized, usually in social units, around shared values and social cohesion within a shared geographical place. In reference to Europan 10, the transformation of one of the site groups involves the creation of new residential neighborhoods. The question here is what conditions must be met for these sites to become ecological neighborhoods?


La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH), Montreux (CH), Kolding (DK), Riga (LAT), Cascais (P).

1 B Urban footprint

The ecological footprint is the measure of human impact on the ecological system. It circumscribes the size of the areas needed to regenerate the resources consumed by the human population in a given place. In reference to Europan 10, some of the areas are pure urban extensions. Is it possible to determine which urban structure can achieve the highest effectiveness on an ecological level?


Dietikon (CH), Nuremberg (D), Taboadela (E), Valverde (E), Tampere (SF).

1 C Levels of sustainability

Buildings represent a high level of soil, energy and water consumption, affect air and atmosphere. In 2006, buildings accounted for 40% of the total energy consumed in the EU. Europan 10 must pay attention to the development of sustainable buildings. How can the promotion of sustainability be linked to the scale of buildings and the urban scale?


Aarhus (DK), Reus (E), L'Isle d'Abeau (F), Seilh (F), Triel-sur-Seine (F), Galway (IR), Järvenpää (SF).



How to intensify urban life in spatially and socially neglected areas?

2 A Urban acupuncture

Acupuncture treats major health problems by stimulating single, specific points that interact with the global system. At Europan 10, some sites are larger than their actual dimensions. In what ways can point-based interventions create an urban effect on a regional scale?


Eisenstadt (A), Dessau-Roßlau (D), Leisnig (D), Munich (D), Rudkoebing (DK), Trondheim (N), Emmen (NL).

2 B Linear spaces

Linear spaces play a strong role in structuring existing urban areas. How can they be interlocked with their surroundings and strengthened in their function as public space?


Graz (A), Neuchâtel (CH), Guben (D), Heidelberg (D), Caceres (E), Tallinn (EE), Lisboa (P), Warszawa (PL).

2 C Magnetic Poles

Magnets are materials or objects that produce a magnetic field that attracts or repels other magnets. At Europan 10, some sites offer the possibility of providing urban magnets. What are the conditions within a specific site - change and reinforcement of uses, increasing public and private dynamics - to attract a space for new residents?


Elmshorn (D), Teruel (E), Dunkerque (F), Zagreb (HR), Alès (F), Ajka (HU), Kisa (S), Mora (S)



How can spaces in areas with a strong identity but obsolete functions be adapted to create a new dynamic of use?

3 A Programmatic conversion

Conversion means the adaptation of a new identity. In relation to Europan 10, some sites need a strong change of use rather than a spatial one. But how can this adaptation of existing spaces lead to new urban lifestyles, to a change in spatial identity?


Vienna (A), Gembloux (B), Liège (B), Bottrop (D), Forchheim (D), Oslo (N), Vardo (N), Maastricht (NL), Utrecht (NL), Entroncamento (P).

3 B Mutation of the landscape

The mutation of an object is the change of its structure. One group of sites at Europan 10 are large scale areas with a strong landscape character, but for which new functions have to be found. In what ways can the regional identity of the area be maintained despite changes in the "programmatic structure"?


Augustenborg (DK), København (DK), Madrid (E), Saintes (F), Lerum (S), Östhammar (S).

3 C Social Transformation

A transformation is a change from one state to another. Major urban transformations also always require social transformation through exclusion of some of the original inhabitants. How can a higher quality of life be achieved in residential redevelopments, without social exclusion?


Nyon (CH), Elda (E), Rijeka (HR), Genova (I), Dublin (IR), The Hague (NL).