Europan Germany

E10: Sites

E10: Bottrop

The future of living in Bottrop's inner city is to be secured by attractive street spaces, upgrading and linking green areas, adapting residential buildings to meet today's requirements, and strengthening the retail, service, and cultural functions.

E10: Dessau

The inner city is to be strengthened in its functionality by selective structural additions, strengthening of social networks, formation of adequate open spaces and structural qualification of the existing buildings. The main traffic artery - today still a federal highway - is to become an urban boulevard.

E10: Elmshorn

The targeted reorganization of the area around the station creates a functional hub for different means of transportation, a "transshipment point for human logistics". The station and forecourt as well as the ZOB are to be integrated into the center of the city, functional deficits are to be eliminated.

E10: Forchheim

The relocation of production opens up the opportunity to open up the large-scale hall complex and link it with the adjacent residential areas. A multifunctional, urban quarter is to be created, incorporating existing building and green structures.

E10: Guben

The train station located on the edge of the city center is to be connected to the center in terms of traffic and urban development. The aim is to design the adjacent areas in terms of their use in such a way that a sustainable stabilizing effect on the city center is achieved.

E10: Heidelberg

Concise ideas are sought on how the space between the Neckar River and the university campus can be enhanced in terms of landscape, function and urban design, and how the areas along the river can be interwoven with the impressive landscape space.

E10: Leisnig

A strategy is sought for architectural renewal and social reactivation of the historic core city. Through transformation of the existing buildings, innovative building typologies, new open spaces in the city and better connections, the core city should become attractive as a residential location.

E10: München

A strategy is being sought for a new urban and architectural interpretation of inner-city areas with a high degree of locational favor. A building with a mix of residential, service, commercial and gastronomic uses is to be built above the ramp structure of an underground parking garage.

E10: Nürnberg

The subway extension in the southwest of the city is to be the engine for sustainable urban development with high-quality, structural densification. Residential and work offerings, attractive green and open spaces, and shopping opportunities create the desired urbanity.