Europan Germany

About Europan

What Is Europan?

Europan is an architectural and urban planning ideas competition that brings together European cities with the next generation of architects, urban planners and open space planners. To this end, Europan organizes an international planning and architecture competition every two years. Each competition is held on a current theme that is of central importance for the development of the European city. Each competition involves over 50 European cities and more than 2000 teams. The competition is accompanied by international formats that promote exchange and networking at the European level and serves a dual purpose: it offers cities and developers new and innovative solutions for local urban development and young planners the opportunity to network nationally and internationally. The combination of these two functions creates a platform for an ongoing debate on the transformation of the European city and for the development of innovative planning processes and pilot projects.

The Europan network includes European experts from the disciplines of architecture, urban design, urban planning and landscape architecture, who have been working on topics in the field of urbanistic city development for many years.

Around 250 European cities and municipalities support Europan with their practical knowledge.


What Is Europan Germany?

Europan Germany is a non-profit association that runs the Europan competition in Germany. Its goal is the further development of housing and urban development and the promotion of competition for urban development and architecture on a European level. The association was founded in 1989 and is one of the 8 founding members of Europan in Europe. Today, the Europan community counts 13 permanently participating countries – including Switzerland.