Europan Germany

E17: Borkum

L / S

Team composition
architect/urbanist/ landscaper   

Borkum, Kurviertel 

ca. 5.160 Inhabitants (2022)  

Study site

ca. 45 ha

Project site  
south ca. 18 ha
north ca. 4,5 ha

Site proposed
City of Borkum 

Actors involved
City of Borkum, Nordseeheilbad Borkum GmbH  

City of Borkum


The competition task is to develop a programmatic and spatial future perspective for the historic spa district that does justice to it as a central common urban space for residents and guests in Borkum.

Ideas should be developed on how recreation, leisure and health care as well as housing for islanders, but also for guests and seasonal workers can be further developed in a future-oriented way. The restructuring of the content includes questions of diversified housing, the hotel business, cultural and spa offers indoors and outdoors, as well as the accommodation of event rooms, a small library, a visitor centre of the national park and an information centre of the town. How can the different functions be organised and how can thematic and spatial links be created?

For both project areas, new buildings, uses and open spaces are to be designed that offer added value for guests and islanders. Multifunctional, mixed buildings that can be adapted for different uses are to be developed. For project area 1, the question is how monofunctional large-scale architecture can be made fit for the future through additions, conversions and further construction.

The North Sea island of Borkum is located in the Wadden Sea natural heritage area and, at 31 km², is the largest of the seven East Frisian islands. The town of Borkum consists of three districts spread across the island. In the east, towards the mainland, the "Reede" with its harbour area welcomes visitors. In the west, the "Borkum" district, the most important tourist attractions, the town hall and most of the island's residents are located.

The spa quarter in the district of Borkum (Europan area under consideration) with its historic and culturally significant spa architecture from the 19th century houses the most important spa and cultural facilities, hotels and leisure uses and is thus Borkum's flagship and unique selling point.


Typ of commissioning 
In the workshops after the competition, the results are to be discussed on site and adapted if necessary. The next step is to commission urban planning studies.

Site visit and Questions Colloquium: Monday, 8 May 2023, time: 11-13:30, 
Meeting point: in the council hall in the town hall of Borkum Stadt, Neue Str. 1, 26757 Borkum. 
Attention: we recommend booking the ferry/catamaran to Borkum in good time and to register for the walk-in in advance at: