Europan Germany

E17: Ingolstadt

S / L 

Team composition

Ingolstadt, Audi-Ring  

ca.141.582 (2022) inhabitants  

Study site

ca. 75 ha

Project site
ca. 10 ha  

Site proposed 
City of Ingolstadt

Actors involved 
City of Ingolstadt 

City of Ingolstadt and private owners


The city of Ingolstadt is located in the south-east of Germany and is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria after Munich. Today, the north-western urban area is characterised by a heterogeneous settlement structure consisting of commercial, office, residential buildings, grey infrastructure, brownfield sites, parks and agricultural land, and is under high growth and development pressure.

The task is to design a new, lively and mixed neighbourhood in the project area. The large roundabout, the so-called Audi-Ring, can remain in its form or the entire area can be completely rethought - provided that a plausible other traffic solution is proposed.

We are looking for designs that show a future-oriented perspective for the north-western part of the city. The new quarter is to be an important development step towards the future as a mixed urban building block. What uses are necessary to create a lively quarter? What do the ground floor uses and the connections to the public spaces look like? Which building typologies are suitable for multifunctional buildings? Where are meeting places located and how can synergies be created through multi-coding, e.g. living, working and social infrastructures? How can the "community of residents" be promoted through structural settings and offers? What private, public and semi-public spaces are available in the neighbourhood, in buildings and open spaces? How can flexible, adaptable building typologies be created that do justice to many, also changing user groups and create a social mix? What does ecological urban development look like that does justice to climate protection and climate adaptation in particular?


Type of commissioning
It is planned to conduct further studies in a next step. Depending on the results of the competition, the involvement of the winning teams is desirable.


Site visit and Questions Colloquium: 24 April 2023, time: 14h, 15-17h colloquium , Meeting point: Am Westpark 12
85057 Ingolstadt (at LGS-Gelände Stützpunkt Gartenamt)