Europan Germany

E17: Leipzig


Team composition
architect/urbanist/ landscaper

Leipzig, Germany

ca. 609.870 inhabitants

Study site
ca. 115 ha

Project site
ca. 17 ha 

Site proposed
City of Leipzig

Actors involved
City of Leipzig

City of Leipzig, Various Cooperatives, Municipal Housing Association
(LWB), Private Housing Companies


Based on the Jupiterstraße neighbourhood centre in Leipzig-Grünau, spatial development concepts are being sought for the peri-urban settlements of the constantly growing city of Leipzig. With the Leipzig-Halle conurbation and a population of over one million people, Leipzig is the economic centre of eastern Germany. The 23 lakes around the trade fair city of Leipzig, newly created as a post-mining landscape, shape the image of the city on the water in the metropolitan region of Central Germany.

Exemplary models for combining living and working in a large housing estate are to be developed that contribute to local supply, meeting places and culture. Decisive impulses for lifelong learning in the neighbourhood are desired, as are green and open space concepts that go beyond the district. A new school building is expected, as is a critical examination of the site, new building and spatial typologies, and proposed solutions for a contemporary approach to the inadequate scale in the area.

An identity-forming concept and, in particular, a long-term vision are sought for the project area, which is characterised by demolition, abandonment and loss of function. This vision is to be exemplary for the future change in the significance of Grünau, a district in the west of Leipzig that appears largely isolated from the rest of the city. In addition, the visions to be developed are to be exemplary for the transformation of central service areas in large housing estates of post-socialist urban development in Europe.


Typ of commissioning
in the on-site workshops after the competition, the results are to be discussed on site and adapted if necessary. The next planned step is to commission the winning team(s) with urban planning studies.

Site visit and Questions Colloquium: Monday 24 April 2023, starting at 13 pm, Meeting point: at the entrance "Bibliothek Grünau-Nord" (via Tram-Haltestelle "Jupiterstraße") Bibliothek Grünau-Nord Plovdiver Str. 40, 04205 Leipzig