Europan Germany



March 27
Start of the competition
April 21
German launching event
April 24
Site visits and colloquium Leipzig
April 24
Site visits and colloquium Ingolstadt
April 26
Site visits and colloquium Regensburg
April 28
Site visits and colloquium Kassel
April 28
Site visits and colloquium Berlin
May 2
Site visits and colloquium Munich
May 5
Site visits and colloquium Bad Lobenstein
May 8
Site visits and colloquium Borkum
June 02
Closing date for further requests on the sites
June 16
Responding to requests on the sites
July 30
Registration deadline
July 30
Submission of entries
July and August
Preliminary examination
September 11
Jury and preselection Kassel
September 15
Jury and preselection Munich
September 28
Jury and preselection Borkum
October 13
Jury and preselection Ingolstadt
October 13
Jury and preselection Berlin
October 16
Jury and preselection Regensburg
October 18
Jury and preselection Bad Lobenstein
October 23
Jury and preselection Leipzig
November 10 + 11
Forum of cities and juries
November 17 + 18
Final selection by the national jury
December 4
International announcement of the results
German award ceremony


February 23
German Award Ceremony in Berlin
February until June
Initiation of the implementation processes with impulse workshops in the cities and municipalities
November/ December
European Intersession-Results Forum E17 and Location Forum E18.